Architectural Design Plans Drawn for renovations and house remodelling

If you are considering making internal or external changes to the layout of your home, your first step should be to commission a set of initial design drawings.

A set of plans not only become your reference point for gaining quotations, dealing with builders and submitting for permissions.  For this to happen they need to be in place right from the very start.

So often I have been called upon when problems arise with builders, as to what is to be included in the work as to sizes, layouts etc regarding quotations submitted and more often than not I find no plans exist.

Rarely do people consider commissioning plans from the outset and leave it to the last thing before gaining permissions. It's the best small investment you can make to ensure a smooth undertaking from design to completion.

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Architectural design plans for property remodelling, interior design, renovation projects to complete new-build properties. 

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