Carpets, mattress and sofa cleaning and sterilising.  Costa del Sol

Carpet & sofa cleaning and sterilising.  We enter many homes to combat mould and spore infestation.  Part of that procedure is the cleaning and sterilisation of carpets, rugs, mattresses and sofas that are present in the home.  We are therefore well equipped to clean and sterilise these items in place.

Carpets are a great place for bugs and bacteria to infest, we don't see them, but they are there. To remove smells many people use air freshener sprays, but these do nothing to treat the problem and increase the likelihood of VOC's, which creates more odour, so more spray is applied and so it goes on and on.


Mattress sterilising. Think about it this way, each night we go to bed with thousands of bed bugs.  These little fellers live on skin particles that flake off while we sleep.

The procedure is similar for both carpets and mattress.  Firstly we sterilise using an oxidation process, on completion of the cycle, we use dry vapor and suction to remove bacteria.  Finally we use the wash cycle to clean.  For carpets, should there be and moisture left in the carpet or sofa we will dry with a dehumidifier, so no waiting for things to dry.