Just a few of the interesting cases we have been called out to survey.

A great number of the surveys we undertake is where previous work has been carried out but failed, so we list a few of them.

  • Bad odour smell in the property, yet no physical signs of any mould or damp.  Our humidity meters were registering high and damp meters showed no signs of moisture, but our infrared thermal test unit was registering off the scale on one wall.  On investigation we found that the wall had been panelled over to cover a long standing damp problem.  On removal of the panelling, the wall was badly infected with mould to the point of being a health hazard.

  • Odour problems in a holiday apartment.  The apartment had recently had considerable work to rectify the odour problem but it had just got worse, so the owner called us out to provide a full report on the problem.  The apartment had been fitted with air exchangers in an attempt to rectify the problem, air exchangers have their uses, but not in such a case as this.  The apartment was sea fronting and the air exchangers were pumping in high moisturised air into the apartment resulting in damp fabrics and streaming walls.

  • Rising damp?  Ground floor apartment had recently undergone a complete damp course injection in every room.  The owner commissioned us to undertake an investigation as to why damp still prevailed.  Firstly the problem had been incorrectly diagnosed as to rising damp, the problem was a leaking shower drain.   The owner asked why was damp still rising up the walls anyway still if it had a damp injection?  It's a good question and something we find a lot of.  The structure for many buildings in Spain is somewhat different to that of more northern countries.  The walls are nothing more than infill with the weight of the building being supported on piers, therefore the mortar line is not always parallel, further more bricks used are none absorbing and metal bars are used off the building slab up into the wall structure , so a perfect barrier is not possible.

  • We undertake many surveys where damp course or similar have been undertaken to rectify a problem but the problems still exist.  The reason in most cases is incorrect diagnosis resulting in the wrong application or installation of various products to try and overcome a problem.  The worrying thing is not just the money wasted, but that the situation can be bad for health and home due to wrong diagnosis prolonging infection.