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Damp mould and stale air problems solved for the Costa del Sol

I may seem strange that in this fair weathered country humidity, mould and even damp can be a major problem, yet it is said that one in three properties suffer from it, So why is this and how do we go about dealing with it.

The problem starts with high humidity.  The official average humidity for the coastal and inland regions is 65.8 which means once the temperature reaches 26 degrees we have high humidity alert.  During warmer months, we can easily reach 30 plus degrees and humidity can reach 80 plus degrees, you can see that would put us in danger zone, if not emergency.

Such an environment is bad for our health, but perfect for propagation of mould spores.

Mould Spores Health problems

So is it a simple matter of a wipe down with bleach, or a paint over, in short, no.  Once mould spores enter your home, they infect everywhere, as they become airborne. 


Treating the visible black areas only makes the spores release more toxins into the air, therefore increasing the problem.  To eradicate it most be done professionally and the source of the problem solved so you gain a permanent solution. 


We have a full range of Air Purification units that will solve the problem easily and quickly for ever.

Rising damp

Rising damp can become a major home and health hazard.  A damp saturated wall can loose up to 50% of its load bearing ability.  Many modern properties have large under-builds which are riddled with damp and water penetration.  We have the necessary expertise to make them dry and usable.

In old country properties that are constructed with stone and rubble walls, which amounts to around 80% of all country properties, it is particularly problematic, as it can cause a wall slump.  We can solve rising damp using the correct solution for your problem.  Play safe and get a professional survey with BMT by filling in the form below.

Mould Spores
allergens photos

Sometimes, mould and damp is not a problem related to water penetration or capillary damp, it can be air related, ie heavy moisture saturated air, a problem in most warm climate countries.  It is important that this is correctly diagnosed if it is to be treated correctly and we have the necessary equipment to undertake this.


Many times it is just a case of installing a air balancing unit which will take care of the matter permanently.

We also have specialised air balancing units for home with indoor swimming pools.

Salt acid attack

Attack of salt acids is often first identified where the paint is flaking on internal walls.  No matter how many times you scrap off the flaking paint, give it a few months and the problem returns.  Eventually the plasterwork become soft and spongy.  If left unchecked it will migrate around the complete room about 0.8 of a meter off the floor and gently eat its way into the wall structure.

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