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Dehumidifier Hire Costa del Sol

Need to dry a room out in your property, or rid damp stale smells from a room?

Then you don't need to go to the expense of buying a dehumidifier, you can hire one for a week from BMT for just €95.

Our dehumidifiers can remove up to 40 liters a day from the effected room.

We deliver to your property, set up the unit and collect seven days later.

Unlike other hire dehumidifiers, our units look great, so you can use the room whilst operating.

Make contact to arrange delivery.


Perfect for drying rooms out after building works, floods leaks etc.  Our units draw in the rooms air, pass it though filters, remove the moisture then the air is reheated to room temperature, finally reintroducing clean dry air into the room to complete the cycle.​

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