Running a B&B in Spain

Another way of life. OVERVIEW

Maybe it's just a daydream, or a passing thought as you go about your daily life planing the great escape to a place of less stress, great family days spent in the warm daylong gentle breeze.  A place where taking a meal out with the family did not cost a fortune, home running costs are far lower and the pace of life far more agreeable.

Well if you do have such a desire, let me tell you your dream need not remain as such and many have already made the move, enjoying a quality lifestyle.  You will find them running a venture holiday home or a B&B / Guest House, others with a business set in the vacation market building a portfolio of smaller properties for short term holiday letting.


For the last three decades the private vacation market has grown from a small cottage business to one of the largest businesses worldwide.  It all started when someone realised that many holiday home owners only used their properties for a few weeks per year.  The rest of the time they remained unused and at that point of time there were no organised holiday marketing, owners had to undertake this themselves by placing small classified ads in their local newspapers, that marketing gap led to the Vacation Marking Portals.

From this point the market changed dramatically, the old styled package holiday booking companies started to loose ground, people wanted to rent the whole house, or travel freely booking what suited them and when using B&B's or Guest Houses.

Getting it right. WHAT AND WHERE

The business splits into three main categories, whole house letting.  Accommodation letting as offered by  B&B's and Guest Houses and venture activity or leaning holidays, which ever is for you will depend on objectives and skills.

Now to the all important requirement, location.  Firstly it must be somewhere that people wish to go and fits in to their holiday format.  For instant, B&B and Guest Houses handle a lot of travellers, people passing though, so can work well near or in major towns, or cities. 

Whole house letting is all about pool and patio, so as long as there are services near by and the property is set up correctly, your clients are quite happy playing house for a week or two.  If the property is large, wedding can be targeted.

Venture holidays are more complexed, as they are usually based around a skill or activity, i.e. Painting / photography holidays, Yoga retreats, fitness and wellbeing and so the list goes on.  Remember  all these suggestions will require the necessary licences for trading which we can help and advise you.

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