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Basements in your home made dry and usable
basement referbishment

Many under builds or basements have poor air, damp or water ingress problem of one form or another.  Some of these under-builds were never intended for habitation in the first place but have been adapted for use at a later date.

It is imperative that such work is carried out by experiences qualified professionals, as if wrongly diagnosed it will lead to the application of incorrect procedures resulting in increasing the problem.

Some case studied we have come across during surveys.

  • Lateral Damp.  This is where heavy moisture is showing on the walls.  Contractors had cleaned the wall down, painted it in water barrier paint, then erected dry lining over the entire walling.  Such a practice left the walls wet, leading to deterioration (Wet walls loose their load bearing capacity) and massive mould infestation in the cavity they had created.

  • Humidity.  This is most common and misunderstood.  Humidity is present everywhere and calculated as relative humidity.  The higher temperature, the more moisture can be held by the air.  When high humidity is in an environment similar to a basement, the moisture condensates on the cooler walls and they become wet.  To solve this problem a very clear understanding of humidity is required, so the correct equipment is specified and installed.

  • Air conditioning used for ventilation.  Very often we find air conditioning units installed to handle ventilation problems. This is an incorrect approach which can lead to humidity and infestation problems due the air recycling.

in wall air filter

Simple single ventilation system with filtration.

air transfer unit
wall mounted air filter

More complex air / heat exchange / air purification filtration system with ducting runs.

A medium sized ducted air treatment system for domestic and commercial use.


Contractors, Architects.  If you wish for us to specify for you we can do so with full plans drawn together with product requirements.

A cost is payable for this service. All areas covered.  Make contact for more info.


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