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Book a complete Pre-Purchase home survey to check for damp, mould, radon, air quality, and structural matters.

If you are about to purchase a property, your next step before you sign contracts or part with any money, should be a full house survey.

A greater part of my work is from newly purchased properties, both new and old.  Facing an extra expense and the inconvenience it causes is not the best start for your new home.

When viewing a property, you are seeing it at its best, cosmetically.  Problems can be painted over, hidden or even your attention can be diverted.

Any problems are best identified pre purchase, so costs can be accounted for in the purchase price.

Home survey photo

Number one callout problem from my clients, is with newly purchased properties relates to high moisture levels of one form or another.  A property suffering from high moisture levels, can easily be disguised with a new coat of paint.  This facelift will last around six months, then the visual signs of problems start to reappear. 

High humidity and the related problems can be very difficult to identify without the correct equipment and experience.  Mould may have started to infest the property, but not yet visible to the eye, it is so easy to miss, remember the spore is only 3 to 40 microns and float through the air.

Contrary to popular opinion mould does not start its life indoors, In normal circumstances, they enter your home through open windows, doorways, and ventilation systems. They can also be picked up and brought inside on clothing, objects, and pets. Mould spores stay airborne indefinitely.  Mould spores don't die on their own account and will grow back and multiply after a long time of inactivity once moisture is introduced. They can still cause health complications and need to be removed before they start to grow back and spread throughout your home or business.

All homes will have mould spores, some we live with without knowing.  This is why you require a pre purchase survey, so the subject can be addressed with the vendor and reflected in the sale price.

I offer a completely independent unbiased service for one small fee of €260, so if you have spotted your perfect new home, make contact to ensure it stays that way.  Contact info at foot of page.

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