Mould Spore removal and neutralising the toxic infestation

Mould removal is vital to your health and home. If you have a sneaky suspicion you have mould and mildew anywhere in your home don’t use bleach. More on that in a minute. Mould is a serious nuisance. It turns your lovely white walls into black, discoloured walls and shows up as black spots on furniture and fabrics. It is also bad for your health because the microscopic spores it releases cause mould allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny noses, chest breathing problems, as well as constant musty odours.   

Normally the first signs of the infestation

About 1 in 3 properties in Southern Spain will suffer from mould infestations due to the humidity and warm climate conditions.  Knowing how to kill mould is important.

So how about bleach.  The active ingredient in household bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which is derived from salt. Meaning household bleach begins and ends as salt and water, leaving a high water content which feeds the mould. Salt also is a major problem in buildings which slowly eats into your walls.  See "SALT ACIDS"


So bleach can actually contribute to your mould problem. 

Even full strength bleach can only remove the surface black sticky substance that the spores produce.  Mould grows with deep roots and on porous surfaces such as plaster, wood and fabrics, bleach can not eradicate the problem.  

It must also be remembered that mould is a symptom of a problem, maybe humidity or damp, lateral, rising or leakage and this must be found and corrected to avoid the mould returning.

Mould out of control and rapidly spreading and will go on to infest the whole house if not stopped.

We undertake the removal of mould infestation from small areas to the whole house.  It is undertaken using specialised sterilisation products and equipment.

We will also source the underlying problem, advise and correctly accordingly.

Firstly we need to see the problem firsthand so we can advise as to timescale and the undertaking.

If mould is caught early it maybe nothing more than a few hours undertaking and low cost, but the longer you leave it, the greater the task both in timescale and equipment used. 


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If mould is left unchecked it can penetrate into the wall structure

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