Salt Acid wall attack

Salt acid is a silent destroyer of walls.  It starts as a powdery substance which can be seen on the surface of plaster, brick or block work.  At first sight people just brush it away and think all is fine, but a few months later its back and this time worse.

This will continue until it's impossible to keep paint on the walls, then you will note that the plasterwork is failing.  The salt will continue to eat and corrode the walls until it becomes a major problem.  Re plaster the walls and just like the paint, is back within a few months.

How did it start and how do you stop it.  Salt acid to become active requires moisture.  Maybe a leaking pipe passed or present, rising or lateral damp, a flood or just high humidity, but rest assured, once it has been activated it will continue to spread and grow, even when the source problem has been rectified.

Like most things, if caught early the problem can be quickly solved permanently. with a low cost undertaking.

Ridding the problem permanently is a specialist undertaking.  After inspection the salt must be neutralised in the entire infected area, both surface and within the structure.  If the salt has developed the walls may have to be striped back to the base structure and the rectification process commence from there. 


Over the years we have with the help of manufactures, developed a range of specialised applications and methods to solve the salt acid problem permanently.

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