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Why it is important to have your indoor air quality checked for home or office.

Covid taught a lot about indoor air quality and the importance of air quality checks.

The quality of indoor air, controls the environment in which we live and work.  Poor quality air will hold airborne spores which leads to infestation of mould growth and viruses.

Being a fully qualified specialist equipped with all the latest metering equipment, it will not take me long to test your indoor environment, provide a report and solution if required.

Damp and humidity can all lead to bacteria growth, maybe it's water ingress, a leak or just high humidity.  Once airborne spores enter such an environment they will settle in cool, still air regions of a property and grow.  Initially they will be settle on wall or ceiling surfaces, then migrate into fabrics, even the wall structure itself.

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Offices, gyms, workrooms, in fact anywhere that people gather indoors, there could be a issue with air quality.

Symptoms may include lack of energy, yarning, tired eyes, headaches or sneezing.

We can undertake air quality checks, then take the appropriate action by installing the correct air control units.

Remember.  Airborne spores and poor air quality are dangerous, they are bad for your health, they can make you ill, in serious cases kill.

Book a free air quality check today

Radon testing for radioactive gas.

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally when the uranium in soil and rock breaks down. It is invisible and odourless thus impossible be detected without specialist equipment.

As we are now experiencing warmer climates the soil dries allowing radon to pass through the ground easily entering enclosed spaces in homes where it can accumulate to high levels and become a major health risk.

Radon Gas
magnetic field

Electro Magnetic Field Tracing.

Accumulating evidence has shown that radio frequency radiation (RFR) emitted by mobile phones and other such devices is a potential factor for DNA damage. Whether RFR affects the gene expression of human genes still requires further research. This then may help in understanding the mechanisms of action of this radiation.

We know from our clients, some of whom have suffered from headaches etc. But after our test, and removal or screening, headaches ceased.

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