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Official Distributor and installer for the best award winning humidity and air purification control products

For small flats or single room.  Innovative room-by-room heat recovery ventilation solution that provides healthier air, building preservation and heating costs reduction. The heat recovery ventilation solution is particularly suitable for apartments, terraced houses and individual houses under retrofit.

Pure air
With its G3 filter system to protect against dust, pollen and insects, its humidity detection mode which adjusts the ventilation speed and its remote control,  guarantees healthy air. Moreover,it is equipped with a wireless remote control which allows the user to adjust automatically the fan’s speed according to its needs. Constantly renewed, air is freed of any harmful particle.

Energy savings
The unit recovers the calories from the extracted air to heat the incoming air (up to 88% of recovered heat) with a low electrical consumption (3.8 W).

*Sound radiated at 3 m with airflow of 14 m3/h

in wall air filter photo
home air filter layout

Full house installations pure air.  These units combine two techniques for the elimination of pollutants and pathogens, focatalytic oxidation (PCO) and ultraviolet light (UV-C). WHAT PHOTOCATALYTIC OXIDATION IS AND HOW IT IS EFFECTED It is the acceleration of a photoreaction by means of a catalyst . The photocatalyst used in the PLASMA STATION 2.0 unit is basically Titanium dioxide (TiO2), it does not require maintenance or replacement, since it does not deteriorate. When the photocatalyst receives photons from ultraviolet lamps (UV-C) it reacts with air and super-oxide ions and hydrophilic radicals are formed. These oxidize volatile organic compounds, odors, and environmental pathogens. When the TiO2 compound is irradiated with ultraviolet light, electrons are excited from the valence band to the conduction band. Once here they can react with other elements. Electrons can also react with other components present in the environment; electrons absorbed by oxygen form superoxide ions and electrons that react with hydrogen form hydrogen peroxide, these in turn can also react to create hydroxyl radicals. All these products are highly reactive and are in-charge of acting on pollutants and purify the air.THE UV LIGHT Microorganisms are treated by the Unit, where depending on the dose used, up to 99.9% is eliminated through the application of short-wave ultraviolet rays (UV-C). PLASMA STATION 2.0, we can eliminate: micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.), gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Air balancing and control of high humidity for indoor swimming pools and other areas.

Our best compressor dehumidifier to date and part of our exclusive Platinum Range of compressor dehumidifiers.

An independent expert review said - "This wall mounted dehumidifier is an excellent performer which is packed with money saving technology and really shows commitment to improving and releasing the best dehumidifiers available in the domestic market."

  • Best Buy T3 Magazine 2017

  • Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested

  • The most viable alternative to the tumble dryer available

  • Uses less energy per litre than any other dehumidifier in our range

  • Quiet enough for flats

  • Powerful enough for a 5 bed home

  • Great in cellars

  • Unique DC Motor, the first of it's kind in Europe

  • Part of the exclusive Platinum Range of dehumidifiers

  • Two year parts and labour warranty

  • Option of extending warranty to five years

indoor swiming pool
Wal Mounted Dehumidifier

This new dehumidifiers is part of our exclusive Platinum Range of dehumidifiers featuring the very best of the range.

Potential applications include;

Swimming Pools
Drying rooms for armed forces, emergency services, lifeboat stations and outdoor pursuit centres
Pump Stations
Museums and archives
Commercial storage
Factory production areas
Data centres
Timber storage
And anywhere else where a wall mounted dehumidifier makes more sense than a portable dehumidifier on the floor!

The wall mounted range incorporates the very latest technology at its heart using a DC Motor to ensure quieter and more energy efficient running.  At just 202mm deep, taking up a lot less space than other wall mounted dehumidifiers and this means that it will protrude less into the room.

Noise is important in a dehumidifier and to have a wall mounted dehumidifier that can extract 103 litres of moisture per day and yet only makes 48dB of noise demonstrates just how well designed and engineered these dehumidifiers are.

Extraction rates are excellent right down to 10°C where the dehumidifier will still be able to extract 30 litres of water per day at 80%rh.  At typical swimming pool conditions of 30°C and 80%rh the 103B will be extracting the full 103 litres per day.  Price subject to survey.


Making sure you get it right first time.  Many dehumidifiers on the market are just not up to reducing the high humidity that is present in Spain.  To ensure you get the correct and best dehumidifier for your needs we provide a free survey.  We have a full range of award winning, fully tested units to specify, be it for a small room to a full house.  We also have combined air purifiers / humidifiers that will kill mould spores etc.   Fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a survey to specify the best unit for the job. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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