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Our free surveys include indoor air quality tests with highly sensitive meters to check for invisible mould spores, bacteria and virus's.  Humidity levels will also be checked, and if required moisture readings in floors and walls.  We are also equipped to trace water leaks.

When necessary water quality can also be checked.  

Phone / Whatsapp: (+34) 654 384 171


Please Note: The survey is free for the Costa del Sol only.  Elsewhere travel costs may apply.

mould survey photo

All surveys now include the following.

  • Indoor air quality testing.

  • Air transfer testing.

  • Humidity levels testing.

  • Moisture and damp readings.

  • Leak tracing if required.

  • Testing for airborne and embedded mould spore.

  • Radioactive testing for Radon Gas.

  • Electro magnetic field tracing.

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