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Make contact to arrange a free complete home check

Free surveys for mould and damp with verbal report.

Complete home check, or Pre purchase surveys to included to following..

  • Air Quality with highly sensitive meters for invisible airborne bacteria, virus's and mould spore.

  • Bacteria tracing and stale air problems sourced.

  • Sanitation gasses tested with specialist meters.

  • Salt acid wall corrosion.

  • Presents of wall embedded mould spore checked.

  • Magnetic radiation zones tested for and found, which can produce erratic and disturbed sleep.

  • Checks for Radon gas, a dangerous radioactive gas which has no smell and can be found within many properties within Spain.  Radon is responsible for 14% of lung cancer.

  • Lateral and rising damp.

  • Damp and leak tracing.

  • Humidity levels tested.

  • Water quality, both tap and tank.

  • Full report on all Complete Home Checks.

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