Deep Cleaning for beds and carpets Costa del Sol
Bed and carpet bugs none toxic elimination.

For decades bed bugs have made worldwide headlining news for contaminating homes, hotels and being notoriously difficult to kill and remove. Many professional exterminators often use toxic, foul-smelling pesticides to battle bed bugs. Most chemicals and pesticides are unable to contain or terminate bed bugs. Since bed bugs feed on blood, they are unlikely to ingest chemical detergents. Similarly, spraying pesticides only works if the bed bugs are directly touched by the poison and bed bugs are so small they are likely to be missed.

Surprisingly, bed bugs can be eliminated quite effectively with the help of all natural, non-toxic vapor steam.


A bed and carpet bug’s best known weakness is that they’re extraordinarily vulnerable to high temperature. Studies have proven that exposure to temperatures of over 60ºC / 140ºF are effective at killing bed bugs and eradicating bed bug infestations and their eggs. Our steamers and none toxic liquid produce over 100ºC / 212ºF vapour output which quickly kills bugs and eggs on contact. With less that 5% moisture, this allows for deep penetration and quick drying of upholstered surfaces.

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  • Deep penetration and quick drying of upholstered surfaces

  • Safely clean bed bugs from children’s rooms, bunks and cribs

  • Chemical-free sanitation

  • Most effective clean for mattresses, headboards, bedding, carpeting,upholstered furniture, draperies and more

  • Kill bed bugs in all stages of life on contact

  • Eliminate pathogenic bacteria instantly

  • Low moisture produces no mess

  • Eliminate the need for chemicals

  • Remove, dirt, stains and grease at the same time

  • Deodorize and sanitize

  • No fumes, no residue and no chemical costs