Innovated Infrared Heating

Elegant heating for elegant homes.  Marble Infrared Heating Radiators.

Natural Marble Heating

Infrared Marble Radiators
The most elegant, stylish heating system that can save you up to 50% on your heating bills.  Clean, green and efficient. 

From one room to full house central heating

Save up to 50% on your heating bills

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Ceramic Infrared Heating systems

We are proud to announce we are now distributors and installers for one of the most advanced ceramic infrared heating systems on the market.

They can be wall mounted, or free standing plug and go, so you can place it just where you require the heat.  The units can be in ceramic white or black.  Each unit has its own internal thermostat to balance your room temperature perfectly.

Infrared heating is the way forward in home heating.  Over the last few years great advances have been made in their development as can be seen in the diagram.

NEW NEW NEW  Invisible Heating.  Probable the most elegant of all heating systems, our glass and chrome radiators.

These are wall mounted and hard wired back to your power supply and controlled by an independent thermostat.  We can undertake the full installation for you, or you can employ your own contractor.

Like all our heating systems we offer a free survey to calculate the correct heating capacity room by room.

A heating system that complements your home and lifestyle.

Infrared heating is now well established as the home heating of our time.  It is clean, green, economical to run and quick to install.  It is also a healthy heat as it warms your rooms with infrared far waves, the same to that of sunlight, but without the UV rays making it 100% safe.

Unlike convection heating panels or radiators, infrared waves warms objects such as walls floors and ceilings, known as the Thermal Mass. This Thermal Mass therefore becomes a 360 degree storage element, which in turn warms the air within the room equally, eliminating air rise and fall, which would normally create drafts and cold zones.  Conventional heating has to rely on heating the air first, to warm the room and as we all know, warm air rises, cools then falls, only to be reheated over and over again, making it very inefficient. 

A seven year manufactures guarantee comes with each radiator. 

Free surveys for Andalusia.  Other regions throughout Europe, make contact and one of our technicians will be in touch to assess your needs and requirements. 

Make contact to arrange a free survey and quotation for the 

assessment to your heating requirements and costing.

Our prices are the best in the business for this quality.


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