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Damp & humidity problems solved Costa del Sol
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Update:  We just like everyone else are conforming to the lockdown, but are keeping our work and survey schedules up to date so once the lockdown is lifted, we can get back to work on track.

You can still book surveys and we will enter them in our diary for servicing on return to normal working.



Damp is bad for your health and home.  Book a free survey today to eradicate the problem 



Basements and under-builds made dry and usable.  Book a free survey today


Air Balancing

Balancing the quality and humidity of air for indoor pools and homes.



Mould is a live and dangerous growth which will spread throughout your home, don't live with it eradicate it permanently.


Deep Clean

There are many reasons to undertake a sterilisation of a single room or full house find our why

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Infrared Heating

Official distributors for marble and stone infrared heating radiators.  Its the future.


Salt Acids

Having problems with flaking paint, poor plaster work and white powder growth?

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Clean Air

Never before have we been more aware of the need for clean air for our homes. For alleges, viruses etc.


Allegies & Virus's

Home & office purification units for airborne particles that cause illness and discomfort for sufferers.

News Flash

Can you filter out airborne Corona virus particles? 

Wether you are living in a household, working in an office or school with a large number of employees, installing a quality air purifier can help filter out any virus-sized particles in the air, potentially reducing the chance of transmission. HEPA filters, in one pass, can be expected to filter out over 99% of the corona virus.

Bottom Line: Can Air Purifiers Capture The Coronavirus?

Air purifiers that contain HEPA filters or even lower grade filters can capture virtually all sizes of solid particles, including particles 0.1 microns in diameter – or the same size as the coronavirus. If you’re living in a shared house, or are working in a closed environment with lots of people, turning on an air purifier could help reduce spread of the coronavirus.

For those in places with central air (HVAC) system, make sure the systems contain filters and are well maintained. If your HVAC contains no filters, installing air purifiers in each room could still help reduce the spread of viruses.

It is important to install the correct top rated Air Purifier for your needs and household.  We offer a free survey and have a full range of quality units at our disposal.

Damp problems Costa del Sol.  Infrared marble radiators Costa del Sol.   Infrared central heating.

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